DW-TK-15 Electronic Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt
Product Feature
a. 3Entry methods: PIN code/Mifire card/Mechanical key.  
b. Press button or proximity to card, deadbolt draw out and lock.
c. Use password or proximity to card, deadbolt draw back to lock and unlock.
d. Transponder: Mifare Classic or any ISO14443A type of card.
e. Voice prompt: You can easily complete the configuration without referring to the manual; giving you the most       convenience.
f. Auto-locking function.
g. Press ONE-TOUCH-button switch (unlock/lock).
h. Pin code:4~12 digital (Up to 5 sets).
i. Opening the lock by adding some fake PIN Code.
j. Mifare Card: 3pcs (Up to 20 cards).

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