DW-TP-15 Deadbolt with Keypad
Product Description
Material: Exterior decorate with Zine Alloy; interior with electroplate plastic
Surface finished with:Satin Nickel
Open the door with password
Standard equipped with 3 mechanical keys
Product Feature
  • Up to 10 active user code.
  • Quickly add and delete user codes right at keypad.
  • Easily provide an user code for temporary access.
  • Keypad buttons glow in dark for night time visibility.
  • Each family member can choose a personalized code.
  • Choose automatic locking or manual locking when door is closed.
  • Warning sound after 4 incorrect code try. Keypad will disable for 30 seconds.
  • Need only 4 pcs of 1.5V AA dry battery .
  • Low battery alarm to remind user for battery replacement.
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